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Uncovering Insights: The Impact of Focus Groups in Workforce Improvement

Have you noticed there was lots of that happening in a particular area or a department, you might actually go and dig a little bit deeper either by using a focus group to explore what’s the actual reason behind that, are there any potential causal factors occurring in that workgroup and you could do that just as an open focus group around these are some of the things we’re noticing. So if you’ve got no idea, you can actually just use that open forum to start digging. So you’d be surprised you can’t shut them up. It’s actually been the opposite, they want to be asked and they want to be invited. So usually with the focus groups you can either anonymously put an invitation out or you can just randomly select, there might be five people from each of the workgroups that you get the supervisor or someone to nominate, but in none of them has there been silence I could honestly say. They all genuinely want to do something different and make an improvement and they’re happy that you’re asking them.

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