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Mine sites often encounter challenges in health and safety and then discover they don’t have anybody employed with the skills, knowledge or experience to solve these challenges for them. So, they end up trying to solve it themselves, which takes up too much time and resources.

For example, developing and implementing a Critical Risk Management program requires a specialised skill set, and if completed by a professional, it can be completed quickly and efficiently.

To make it easier for you, our team will provide you with experienced health and safety consultants that have seen and done it all. They’ll quickly diagnose the problem, identify what needs to be done and execute the solution in no time at all. Plus, with them on your side, it’ll require fewer resources than if you had tried to solve it yourself, meaning you save money as well as time!

Our consultants can be engaged via one of the following strategies;

• 100% offsite
• 100% onsite
• Hybrid combination of on-site and offsite

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