Mining Safety Courses And Mine Health & Safety Training

Risk assessment training and mine safety training for mine workers

Tailored health and safety


Where do you go to develop your health and safety skills? How do you learn about the new risk management practices?

This is an ongoing problem for our clients, which is why we now offer them professional masterclasses in risk management.

We don’t offer training courses to simply tick a box. Instead, we offer tailor-made masterclasses that are designed to help you and your workers succeed. We want to ensure your mine site is as safe as possible, so we offer our high-quality training courses in health & safety and risk assessment.

Develop your knowledge and skills in risk assessment, bowtie analysis, Broad Brush Risk Assessment and Critical Controls with our detailed safety training programs.


What type of safety training do you provide?

Who do you provide training courses to?

What makes your training courses unique?

Make sure your workforce is trained and prepared to recognise risks on your mine site.