Bespoke Health & Safety Audits For Mines

Make sure health & safety systems are compliant and enabling safety

Mine safety audits

Mine safety audits by professional mine safety consultants

Getting your mine audited by a team of professionals will help you to proactively identify and resolve gaps in your health and safety processes before an incident.

The traditional approach to auditing involves identifying a gap and resolving it. In our audit approach, when a gap is identified, we explore whether it is the audit criteria that needs to be modified, or whether action is required to close the gap. We want to make sure every gap is analysed to ensure the right action is taken to improve safety.

We audit anything and everything for our clients whether it be auditing against external requirements, internal requirements or a standalone requirement.

Critical Risk Management process

However, our most popular audit service relates to auditing the Critical Risk Management process, specifically;

  • Broad Brush Risk Assessments
  • Bowtie Analysis
  • Critical Controls
  • Critical Control Performance Standards
  • Critical Control Verifications
  • Critical Risk Reporting

Our audits can be delivered via one of the following strategies;

  • 100% offsite
  • 100% onsite
  • Hybrid combination of on-site and offsite

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