Critical Risk Management Services

Save lives and control fatal hazards on your mine site with critical risk management

Reduce risks and improve worker safety on your mine site using health and safety control risk management


Critical Risk Management or CRM involves identifying fatal risks, analysing hazards and controlling them, so they don’t cause any injuries, accidents or even fatalities.

The safety of your workforce is important, and by improving your CRM, you’ll be able to ensure fatal risks are being controlled.

The process of Critical Risk Management consists of activities such as:

  • Broad Brush Risk Assessment (or Baseline Risk Assessment)
  • Bowtie Analysis
  • Identification of Critical Controls
  • Development of Critical Control Performance Standards
  • Development of Critical Control Verification programs
  • Development of Critical Risk Reporting Framework


What is Critical Risk Management?

What is a Broad Brush Risk Assessment?

What are the key elements of a Broad Brush Risk Assessment?

What is a Bowtie Analysis?

Why do we need to perform a Bowtie Analysis? 

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