Work Health And Safety Management Systems In Mining

Make sure your mine safety management system is simple, accurate and practical

Make health and safety easier for your workers with a workplace health and safety management system


The SHMS is the backbone of safety on any mine site, but all too often Safety & Health Management Systems are too wordy and complex. Sometimes they’re just not representative of the work performed on the front line.

Reviewing and updating every part of the SHMS or even a small section takes a lot of time and requires a specialised set of skills to get it right the first time.

Instead of worrying whether your Safety & Health Management System is correct, let our team deliver it for you. We’ll make sure you receive an SHMS that’s:

• Simple, and to the point
• Describes the work that is actually done
• Complies with all internal and external requirements

Our flexible SHMS services are tailored to every client’s needs and are delivered via one of the following strategies:

• 100% offsite resources
• 100% onsite resources
• Hybrid combination of on-site and offsite resources

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Acquire the best Safety & Health Management System for your mine by working with our team.