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The safety of your workforce should always be your number one concern, and with the help of our professional health and safety services you’ll be keeping your workers is safe while on the job.

Take a closer look at our services and how they will benefit your mining company.

Safety and Health Management Systems

Safety and Health Management Systems (SHMS)

A Safety and Health Management System is the backbone of your mine’s safety, but SHMSs are often too complex for the work performed by your front-line workers.

Our team will take the time to create a system that is simple and to the point, describes exactly what you’re doing and complies with all internal and external requirements.

Critical Risk Management (CRM)

Critical Risk Management (CRM)

Critical Risk Management or CRM is where we identify, analyse and control any fatal hazards that are present on your mine site. These hazards could result in fatalities, so it’s important to assess and control them as soon as possible.

Our team will help you and your team by managing your CRM improvement project. By the time you’re finished learning from us, you’ll be able to identify and control your critical risks with ease.

Onsite Professional

Onsite Professional

Being in the Health and Safety role on a mine site can be overwhelming for many people. There’s a huge workload, and it’s difficult to keep up with the amount of work required.

Our team provides mine sites with experienced Health and Safety professionals who will provide extra capacity on a contract or even a permanent basis.

Bespoke Audits

Bespoke Audits

Audits are ideal for proactively identifying and resolving issues that your mine might be having in terms of health and safety and compliance.

With our audits we will develop a bespoke audit strategy and explore every area of your mine to determine which areas need attention to create a safer and compliant operation.

Safety Training

Safety Training

Develop your knowledge and skills of Risk Assessment, Bowtie Analysis, Broad Brush Risk Assessment and Critical Controls with our detailed safety training programs.

Our trainers are experts in Health and Safety in the mining industry, and we’ll help you get trained in our completely unique and tailored masterclasses.

Health & Safety Consultancy

Health & Safety Consultancy

Do you encounter challenges in health and safety? Do you need a skilled and experienced consultant to help you solve the issue quickly?

Our team provides mining companies with experienced Health and Safety consultants who’ve seen and done it all. They can easily diagnose and solve problems for you, saving you time and money.


Do you want to learn everything you can about health and safety in the mining industry?

The world of safety is always changing. Our team is here to foster growth and self-improvement for mining professionals by hosting health & safety events and sharing our knowledge.

Make your mine site a safer place for your workers by working for us today.