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What is a Bow Tie Risk Assessment, and How Does It Work?

When it comes to risk analysis, most people are used to using a risk matrix and going through a step-by-step risk analysis process. This is the most common way of approaching risk analysis, but other options exist.

If you have not heard of the Bow Tie Risk Assessment, it’s a fantastic tool for analysing and visualising incident cause-and-effects in a diagram. It is an integral part of planning for risk management, especially where there is high to extreme risk, or the controls are rated as low.

Risk Bow Ties are developed as a strategy for analysing hazard and operational risks and have grown in popularity in Enterprise Risk Management programmes in recent years. It is a straightforward method for determining new or improved controls. 

Here you will see it demonstrates the risk components, Causes, Events, Impacts, and Controls, from left to right on the risk timeline. 

This diagram represents the risk landscape using various elements such as threats, top events, consequences, barriers, and recovery measures.

How the Bow Tie Risk Assessment Methodology Works 

By reading the above graphic from left to right, answer these:

The Advantages of Bow Tie risk assessment in Mining Safety Management 

Bow Tie analysis provides a systematic and comprehensive method for mining corporations to identify and evaluate hazards, their implications, and the efficacy of controls. 

The diagram’s clear and concise visual portrayal of the risk situation helps communicate causes, consequences and controls to the workforce  in an easily understandable way.

It can also be used to support incident investigations and determining how to prevent them from reoccurring. 

Conducting a Bow Tie Risk Assessment in Your Mining Operation

To complete a bowtie analysis perform the following steps;

Implementing Bow Tie Risk Assessment in Your Mining Safety Management System best practices

For best results, bring front workers, technical specialists, risk owners, critical control owners, safety professionals, and senior management on the journey to guarantee a complete and collaborative risk assessment.

Data is your friend, so collect and analyse incident reports, near-miss information, and safety statistics data, and ensure those conducting the evaluations are trained in the Bow Tie Risk Assessment methodology and principles. We offer training in bowtie analysis as part of our Critical Risk Management Masterclass!

Bow Tie risk assessment should be incorporated into established safety management systems and processes for optimal results.

Continuous improvement is the aim of the game. To ensure that the Bow Tie diagrams accurately reflect the current risk landscape, they must be reviewed and updated regularly if new risks are discovered, control measures are revised, or occurrences occur.

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