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The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Risk Assessment Training

Risk assessment training is a non-negotiable component of any mine’s safety management plan. It educates workers on the most significant dangers they face and gives them the tools to assess those hazards for themselves. 

While many mining companies conduct risk assessment training in-house, there are many advantages to working with an external expert. Let’s discuss why hiring an outside company to fulfil your risk assessment training can be beneficial.

Mine safety starts with solid leadership.

Leaders that emphasise safety and demonstrate convictions can help transform safety into a company-wide value. A mining company can ensure its executives receive the direction and support they need to promote safety effectively by outsourcing risk assessment training to a specialised supplier. 

For instance, mine safety consulting providers can deliver courses for managers and supervisors that emphasise safety, teach them how to convey their expectations for staff behaviour and motivate others to observe and act with greater integrity.

Holding regular safety meetings, taking part in safety inspections, and consulting with staff to figure out how to improve workplace safety are fantastic ways management can lead by example.

Creating a Clear Safety Vision and Strategy

Aligning an entire mining workforce towards a single goal requires a clear safety vision and plan, and a specialist provider’s experience will create robust safety frameworks. Specific safety goals, standardised processes, risk control measures and staff training gaps are all examples of what will be covered.

A mine safety consulting provider can also collaborate with a mining company to create a zero-harm safety vision and subsequent action plans. With a well-communicated safety vision and strategy, mining companies can motivate workers to consistently take preventative safety measures so it becomes business as usual.

Empowering Workers to Be Safety Leaders

Safety is everyone’s duty, and this attitude is fostered when workers actively spot and eliminate hazards. Improve your staff’s safety knowledge and abilities with specialised training, including workshops and simulations that encourage participation in safety conversations, correctly reporting incidents, identifying potential dangers, and feeling comfortable suggesting safety improvements.

A safety culture is created when mining companies provide workers with the training and resources to be alert, proactive, and invested in preventing workplace accidents. Mining safety improvements can only be maintained over the long term by encouraging all workers to adopt a safety leader mindset.

Accountability and reporting: essential safety metrics

Mining companies can foster a proactive safety culture that emphasises learning and growth by constantly monitoring and reporting safety performance. By outsourcing your training in risk control measures to an expert provider, mining companies can take full advantage of the provider’s knowledge and experience with putting efficient measurement and reporting systems in place. 

A risk assessment training provider will help establish key performance indicators (KPIs) like the number of near-miss occurrences, staff compliance with safety procedures, or attendance at safety training, for instance. They can also assist in the design of reporting tools and processes for collecting, analysing, and visualising safety data. 

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