2-day Psychosocial Risk Management Masterclass

13th - 14th February

Royal on the Park,
Brisbane, QLD

Why attend this course?

If you are confused or overwhelmed about how to implement a Psychosocial Risk Management Process or have no idea where to start. This 2-day class will provide you with the framework, tools, and practical real-world examples to implement a Psychosocial Risk Management process within your own business.

What You’ll Gain:

  • Master the Elements of a Successful Psychosocial CRM Program
  • Identify Critical Psychosocial Risks and Develop Broad Brush Risk Assessments
  • Analyse Critical Psychosocial Risks and identify Critical Controls using Bowtie Analysis 
  • Establish Critical Control Performance Standards with Statistical valid Verification Processes
  • Implement measures to successfully implement your Psychosocial Harm prevention program and ensure ongoing effectiveness.
  • Identify key strategies for simple, effective Psychosocial Harm Reporting and Response to inadequate performance.

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Take advantage of this limited opportunity to equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to prevent Psychosocial harm at work and comply with your legal obligations. Space is limited, so secure your spot today!

Class Details

Through a variety of presentations and group activities, the course will cover the following elements.

Learn from Industry Expert Christian Young.

Christian is the founder and managing director of Impress Solutions – a recognised leader in Mining Health and Safety Services.

Christian has over twenty years of experience in Mining Safety and has been a guest speaker on CRM at numerous industry events.

He established the Bowen Basin Health and Safety Forum and continues to run the Mining Safety webinar series.

Christian’s expertise is in high demand with the clients below and across high-hazard industry.

Learning from Industry Expert Naomi Armitage.

Naomi is a seasoned Psychologist with more than two decades of experience.

Her diverse background encompasses working in Resource and High-Risk industries, where she has effectively assisted organisations in addressing fitness-for-work risks at all organisational tiers.

Her overarching vision revolves around creating a world where work plays a pivotal role in addressing the global burden of mental health issues.

She aims to achieve this by fostering psychologically safe environments within organisations, eliminating psychosocial hazards, and ensuring employees’ mental well-being takes precedence.

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Class Pricing

Number Of ParticipantsPrice(Per Person)
One Person$1699 (excl. GST)
Two Persons$1599 (excl. GST)
Three or more Persons$1499 (excl. GST)

Class Value

Outlined below is what you will receive when you attend our CRM Masterclass

Two full days of uninterrupted access to Christian and Naomi to discuss all things Psychosocial Critcal Risk Management $10000
An additional 30-minute Q&A session at the end of each day$1000
Course workbook with 20 years of Psychosocial Critical Risk How-to Information $500
Editable versions of Industry leading CRM templates for:
• Broad Brush Risk Assessment
• Bowtie Analysis
• Critical Control Performance Standard
• Critical Control Verification Checklist
• Principal Hazard Management Plan
One year of complimentary Psychosocial Critical Risk Management support from Christian and Naomi$4000
Total Psychosocial CRM Master Class Value $16500
Total Investment: Only $1800
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Money back guarantee:

If by the end of Day 1 you feel like you have not received value for what you paid, we will refund you the full amount of the course.
Remember, your commitment to psychosocial safety not only saves lives but also ensures the success of your mining operations. Join us at the Critical Risk Management Master Class and make a real impact in the lives of your team.

Improve your mining safety skills.